Hospitality Partners in Wellness – for Pros and businesses

Imagine coming to a hospitality venue, and the aroma of your surroundings just envelopes you with a subtle, uplifting and fresh notes that help you relax, get inspired, maybe recover from a trip or exercise and day-long meetings. Do you love feeling empowered with a plant-based personal care that is a heartbeat of your wellness?

Imagine you can trust what you breathe to make you feel better without reservations…

Did you know how Professional Accounts at Young Living are transforming what is possible and accepted?
Are the businesses ready to level up to #makeadifference in #wellness ?

How this might work for you? Message me if interested in more information on how it works and what it is.

Do you have an office with walk-in service or retail space? Learn more about Professional Accounts in other industries, and then reach out to discuss possibilities!

Young Living has launched the Professional Accounts program in Canada! This popular, business-focused program brings new opportunities for businesses and customers to connect with Young Living and experience our health and wellness products firsthand!

The US Professional Accounts program has helped many people enhance their businesses by incorporating Young Living products in their offices and services. This first-ever international Professional Accounts launch is part of Young Living’s 5×5 Pledge initiative to bring essential oils, natural supplements and home cleaning products into 5 million homes in five years.

Learn more about the Professional Accounts program and keep on spreading the love for essential oils. Contact me for details. #wellness #essentialoils

What’s in it for you?

  • Additional stream of income, without recruiting, from the clientele, that you already have every day
  • Offering people and families healthy, drug-free solutions to their health and mind problems
  • Enabling cleaner environment at your establishment and homes of your customers, free of cleaning chemicals thus further improving their health
  • Ability to offer or offer more, money to your favourite cause/charity as your income increases

Are you interested to know more? Message me to discuss possibilities!

If you don’t own a hospitality venue, but are keen on using natural products for your own personal and home care, read this.

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