I have unstoppable interest in Entrepreneurship, Business, Wellness and Health, Disruptive Technologies, Digital Security, Physics, Design, and… Urban gardening.
My philosophy is Essentialism and Minimalism, so I naturally gravitate to Efficiency in everything I do.

We are open for Venture Projects and consulting on several startup issues.

I know that you took considerable amount of time to come to realization that you need things done, and done NOW. Clients need everything done for yesterday. I am with you on that: no delays, no additional layers of approval from other departments and management team. You don’t need to talk to my sales people nor someone representing me. You just talk to me when you’re ready.
I am ready – are You?

If you still need more time to think, I love to search, read, learn, inform, and hardly can keep from unsolicited advice, so follow my thoughts sharing on Twitter, at @minibizweb and come back soon!.

Hanna Gancarz
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