Business Plan is an important business document

You may have operated several years without any business plan. However you are here… So you do recognize that business plans are important. In 2011 a professor of a top business university in US (Steve Blank) said that no Business Plan survives the first contact with a customer. The advise was to plan the search for business model instead.

What are the concepts of business model? There are as many as people in the room. So instead of using a lot of words to describe a business model that other people can’t easily imagine, like in a Business Plan, business teachers started to use the concept of Business Canvas instead. Business Canvas use one page of boxes, which an entrepreneur has to fill. This page reflects your business model. It needs to be modified and updated until you find a formula for business that repeatedly works.

Building Business Canvas service is based on experience and thorough research so it may not be a good fit for us with every type of business. Accepting clients is limited to ones we believe can truly benefit from what we do.

That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation consultation before we get started. Go ahead and click the button below and we’ll contact you to schedule a call.


In short, business plan helps you focus:

  • Do you have a vision?
  • Discover your best distribution channels
  • Confirm your most valuable customers
  • List resources your business cannot operate without
  • Outline how sustainable your finances are
  • Do you know your competitors?
  • Are you clear how your business stands out?
  • Can you present your business to a Venture Investor in 2 minutes?
  • In what direction is your industry headed?
  • What are you upselling, downselling and repeat-selling?

We can bring all this info to light, so you are crystal clear what your next step should be (you will see it, not us). Whether you will take this step to move forward or not, it’s up to you! But at least you would know your business so much better that your next decision will be a confident one.
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