CMS or not CMS?

The most popular Content Management System in the world is WordPress. You maye be surprised to know however that only 30% of all websites use CMS at all.

Customers often request from web designer a site that can be updated by the owner. No one likes to depend on original web developer – an ousider of the organization,  for ongoing maintenance and updates. Small business owners and individuals often opt instead for a content management system they have no experience or knowledge of. From their experience it’s easy to tell administrative assistant to change a word in a Word document, or replace a picture in PowerPoint presentation. No one thinks twice about it.

There is  not enough training or time to be able to implement the same for working with CMS. After making your site live, you get a ‘manual’ or not more than one hour training how to use your spanking new back end content management. Moreso, a person who received that training is not usually the one who ends up having to update your website.
If you’ve heard common CMS names like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, you’re ahead of the game. It does not mean however that you will find CMS as easy to do as you thought.

Do you know how to use your CMS?

A lot of times customers come back and ask junior web developers to update site for them, as they find too difficult and confusing to use CMS admin panel themselves after all. This is despite WordPress being the most friendly CMS in the world. It’s not to say that anyone should stay away from CMS. Know your options – that’s all I am saying.

Content Management System is the only option if your site is going to have hundreds of pages or updates are very frequent and done by multiple individuals. Every CMS slows down web pages loading times and adds to the complexity of maintenance. Sites with fewer than 100 pages should use something lightweight, yet still powerful, like WordPress or Joomla, while sites with hundreds of pages are usually equipped with Drupal. Deploying Drupal to make up a 6-page website does not make sense. Talk to experienced web developer before requesting specific platform. You can read more here on current technology trends.

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