Got business idea? Let’s hear your 3 min pitch

So you have this business idea and you are pondering it over and over in your head. Is it worth it, how do I do it…
Pitch me! Let’s hear it together. It helps to be heard.

Send a snap to: minibizweb, or send a message in form on top right


Reach out to answer your questions and start making things happen. Partnerships boost confidence and unleash synergy and accountability. We may assist you in a jump start, finding the right resources or people.

How business idea comes to life?
All ideas go through filters of viability, finding clients, market tests, gathering resources, assembly of process, and iterations. Ultimately, no one can be sure that your idea will not fly. Only you can decide how many resources you’d like to put behind your business idea before you move on to the next one.

We’d like to share the resources and advice or work on polishing your pitch for the larger audience, so you can faster succeed.

Pitch me your business idea

What resources a startup business needs?

It could be:
Incorporation of business
Business Model
Bank account
Merchant setup (eCommerce, POS, credit card)
Accounting setup
Office or workshop space
Freelancers or employees
Experts in areas which you can’t cover yourself
Branding setup
Online presence: website or mobile app, social networks accounts
Manufacturing/ inventory

  • financial reporting
  • asset tracking
  • market research
  • leads generation
  • business intelligence

Due to local nature of most businesses, we are more inclined to assist in Greater Toronto Area, Canada, unless virtual assistance is suited.

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