How simple should CMS get?

63% of the top million websites today are using WordPress for content management. It is also the fastest growing CMS. Does it suggest its ease of use? How simple should CMS get? Very simple – reply most of the people asked. Comparing publishing process to a paper ad stapled to any street post, everyone who has something to sell, including knowledge, info, gossip and entertainment, want the web developer [middle man] disappear. Why not? Shouldn’t we all be able to publish to the internet with a push of one button?

WordPress is considered to be very user friendly. It really is, but many new end users do not share this opinion. So where the confusion of word-processor accustomed folks is coming from? They want simpler, every day.

Any web developer has heard already what customers want from CMS. Some of the items on this list have been accomplished long time ago, others are still in the works:

We want to create/edit navigation menus for all the pages from one spot, with one write.
We want template, so any content entered looks professional.
Then we want to overwrite that template with our own styles, sizes and layouts – all from one spot.
We want sidebar universal for all of the website so we can highlight the most important sale message.
Then we want different sidebar on each page – still controlled from one spot, and oh… this spot should be just underneath the basic content’s edit screen. So what happens when a new sidebar is added, and we have already 30 pages of content? – why can’t we have that done with one button as well?
We want pictures taken with our 12 mega pixel camera uploaded to website and show instantly in perfect proportion in any slider.
We want pages with these high resolution pictures load in a blink of an eye.
We want fonts that no one else has – that show exactly as designed on every single screen, from wall-high digital billboards to tiny mobile phones.
We want community messaging and cross-posting to Facebook.
We want user-uploaded content to be sold to other users while we collect money from these transactions basking in the sun on an exotic beach in a tax haven.

That’s how simple a CMS should be. Oh…, and of course it should be free.

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk with Google glasses on, and dictate your thoughts straight to web content, finishing off with a one-finger-click to take picture of what you see, which would display perfectly on the web, and be live within a few seconds…

Yes, it all will be done sooner than you think. And WordPress is closer than any other CMS to accomplish this level of popular simplicity.

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