Likely buzzwords of 2014

With 61% of internet traffic now created by bots, there are a lot of apps collecting data about YOU. Most of this data you are giving out voluntarily, in order to access some info/app that you need, or not knowingly, clicking to agree to some terms and conditions. There is a lot of Big Data, recently also called Dark Data, out there, for analysts to digest.
Gartner defines dark data as the information assets organizations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes (for example, analytics, business relationships and direct monetizing).
They will not be able to meaningfully use it on a large scale any time soon. The ideas are swirling, how retailers can make ‘intelligent’ shelves, which will recognize individual consumer’s face and suggest what he/she wants to buy, based on data gathered from previous visits to the store.
In meantime, we are so overwhelmed with information available, and general digital communication flow, that many companies, in recognition of basic human needs, are now limiting / blocking business email delivery after 6pm. We need to eat, sleep and look after our children some time…

In 2014 Content is key. As newspapers, magazines and other sources of popular content shifted already to digital space to survive without or with less of advertising revenue, most of them are actively testing what content can be sold directly or licensed to other networks who developed proper channels. Advertising will never die, but in this volume of advertising stream, trend is to personalize the pitch into high degree of relevancy to be able to succeed.

We are growing expectations that devices that we have are responding to our touch and voice. This applies now to not only smart phones, games, cars, tablets and laptops, but also to TV remotes, and other home appliances.

Drones are now considered for a number of commercial tasks, like product shipments, exploring difficult access or spaces not suitable for humans.

Once in a while you may hear in 2014 – “Oh, Heisenbug!“ from a frustrated tech, as among so many new devices, technologies and platforms, there will be certainly things that are hard to troubleshoot.

For the developers, REST (Representational State transfer), after steadily climbing its way to the top since the beginning of this century, is now a must to know, as it allows scaling of the internet infrastructure without switching it off.

3-D printers will be finding countless new applications in the hands of small entrepreneurs, because they allow to manufacture cheaply things not thought possible before.

What do you think most repeating buzzword of 2014 will be?

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