12 things Olympics can teach us

Lessons good to learn time and again by any web developer

Here we go again – Olympics!!!
Emotions are flying high when business is mixed with politics. Aside all the excitement, that we can truly enjoy, business messages behind Olympics are pretty simple for web developers who are also entrepreneurs:

1. You have to work long and hard for your ‘on stage’ moment
2. Plentiful resources are needed to pull off a major event
3. Watch out who is using your event to ride on your advertising campaign
4. Can’t always rely on a supplier, even when contract is in place
5. Product that is already produced, should be utilized to its best
6. If you created public excitement about your product, offer its variants at broad price range, to capture most opportunities
7. Fresh idea where everything has been done already, can make wonders
8. No matter how much you prepare, things can go wrong
9. Deciding who better works for you – inexperienced with energy or mature with technique is not as easy as it seems
10. To train/develop in an environment identical to production is crucial, besides time saving.
11. Learn what your direct competition does, to be competitive.
12. People take pride in creating Good – let this happen.

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