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Here we go again. Debt crisis, markets plunging, jobs hanging in delicate balance. Recession proof business is one of the top searches on Google.

I am reading: “Central and eastern Canada must brace for job losses in the months ahead as the slowing of global economy is eminent.”
Ten Doomed Industries article outlines jobs that are already obsolete: Newspaper Publishing, Apparel Manufacturing, Textile Mills, Formal Wear and Costume Rental, Video Postproduction Services, Record Stores, Video Rental, Photofinishing, Manufactured Home Dealers, Wired Telecommunications Carriers.

What can you do after getting a pink slip? Seven million dollar winning lotto tickets don’t happen to everyone (Congratulations to 17 Ottawa manufacturing plant workers who were laid off, and then won this bonanza prize the same evening!!!). So your choices are: standing in long lineups at the job fairs, going back to school or starting your own business.

Recent grads can tell a lot of horror storries – sky-high student debt and sub-standard starting salaries. Graduating engineers have much better than average college grad prospects. Top ten earners categories are: petroleum engineering, chemical, electrical, materials science and engineering, aerospace, computer, physics, applied mathematics and nuclear.

In every recession fortunes are made by those who identify current trends.

Here’s a rundown (by no means complete) recession proof business picks for online sales:

Hockey store, jewellery, electronics, pet accessories, sports gear, weight loss and life coaching, dietary supplements.

Bestsellers on seem to be HDTV cable, iPone screen protectors and flash cards, while on Kindle readers are. Check the link for update as you read this – these lists are changing all the time.

Self-published books:
Outskirts Press, the fastest-growing full-service self publishing and book marketing company top ten titles for October 2011:

• Beating Neuropathy by Dr. John Hayes, Jr.
• Cancer – It’s a Good Thing I Got It! by David A. Koop
• God, Gold & Glory by Henry Falany
• In the Blink of an Eye by Sheryl Brown Nixon
• Keep Dancing by Rosie Giesie
• Know Better, Do Better, Be Better by Jeffery L. Watts
• Marty’s Musings by Martin D. Jessen
• My New Social Life by Dominique Dorvil
• The Source by Steve Deming
• Struggles, Service & Smiles by Robert B. Wiley, Lt. Col., USAF, Ret.

Top Clickbank affiliate marketing schemes:
Mobile Money Machines
Commission Commando
Affiliate Resurrection
Easy Profit Bot

On eBay demand is shown in pulse. At the time of writing this, the most popular searches included: android tablet, iPad, iPod, hp touchpad, shoes, iphone 4, coach handbags, hello kitty, kindle.
The largest stores on eBay are MovieMarz and Movie Mars Books.

If you want to read more on recession proof businesses, this article may be a good start: Ten Recession Proof Businesses. It lists candy, luxury and super-discount retail, reposession, education, sin items (tobacco, alcohol etc.), technology, health care, and non-cyclical businesses like funerals, utilities, religion, pharma, military and veterinary.

Do you have your own, better idea? The best advice I can give you is – Act on it!
The faster you fail, the faster the success will come. Test and fail, test and fail, until there is test and SUCCESS. Being afraid to fail only pushes you further away from the day you succeed. It’s an opportunity to simplify your life – stop commuting for hours and being stuck in a job you didn’t enjoy anyway. Spend your time the way you want to for your own happiness. Now it’s easier than ever to test your innovative ideas and launch your own business online. Being yourself may be your greatest hit!

Positive thinking helps a great deal, too. When you visualize what you want to achieve, your subconscious mind will find the ways to get it. So dream your way out of recession right now.

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