The Shortest Guide to WordPress

For small business owners and professionals

Why talk about WordPress when you need a (or have an older, traditional) website, but are not thinking of blogging?

Wordpress is the most popular content management platform today, with over 80% of all blogs using it. WordPress site does not have to look like a blog at all. You won’t be able to tell ‘it’s a WordPress site’ from just looking at it. With fantastic resources amassed, it offers achieving complex functionality in the shortest time, and freedom of quick content creation and design changes by users who would normally not engage in web design.

Why your next site should be a WordPress?

Some advantages of the native workflow automation that WordPress provides, in comparison to a non-CMS (Content Management System) html, php or flash site, are:

  • Reuse of modular elements like header, navigation, widgets (blocks of condensed content in a sidebar), footer, page template(s). Once created, these are updating at once on all pages. Use what open source developers created already, or have it designed & coded just for you.
  • Ability to create post (description/article) pages that can be assigned to categories, which in turn create optional navigation menus. You can use them to automatically organize your products and services and show in a sidebar, secondary top or footer menu or in the content.
  • Navigation items are created automatically as soon as a new page or post content is entered, or added manually. Complex submenus are created by simple click, slide and drop.
  • There are thousands of plugins that can add functionality to your site. Some examples include shopping cart, calendar of events, registrations, forms, search engine optimization, presentation sliders, twitter, facebook, tumblr and advertising feeds, tool tips, accordion-style content toggling, colourful buttons, placing featured content in desired locations or creating a social, community forum.
  • Different design and layout can be applied to the same content in a snap, using free or premium theme change in back end interface.
  • Presentation show, called slider, can display on home or any page a set of selected images or image and optional excerpt from posts in selected category. Each page can show a separate, featured header image across the whole width of the site. You can insert a video from youtube, audio file or pictures from your computer with a few quick clicks.
  • Search box allows viewer to find quickly any content/product.
  • Site owner(s), content contributors and update/maintenance staff can have separate logins and access levels to back end interface, allowing them to perform: administrator, editor, or subscriber functions.
  • Ability to combine website and blog in one entity, under one host.
  • WordPress is the easiest to use out of all content management systems. If you know how to use MS Word, you will be able to work with WordPress.

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