Who needs website makeover

Back to School time is not just for kids.

You can use it to not only purchase new and shiny things, but also make your business more efficient and ready-to-go by refocusing. Website often becomes like a cluttered closet, full of things that ‘we may use one day‘ and ‘it was so chic and hot when I got it‘ , but now you are standing in front of it, needing something sharp to accomplish your current goal, and can’t find anything suitable.
If you spent a little time to de-clutter and re-strategize, you can end up with smaller set of tools, but each up-to-date and in good order, easy to keep up with your daily business demands.

Why would you want to makeover your website?

Some reasons are more obvious than others:

  • Your website is out of date – last blog entry or marketing ad is half a year old.
  • You updated products, slogans, added some services, but it’s not reflected on your website.
  • It seems stale, boring, was supposed to be professional, but became just timid and bland instead.
  • It has too much information, is cluttered, you never can find quickly what you are looking for.
  • Some features stopped working, because your platform version is old.
  • Your site got really messy with all the updates you did yourself after Content Management website was handed to you by your developer.

Other reasons have not as much to do with the current state of your website, as with your…

long and short term business objectives:

  • There are very few visitors and you are not getting enough exposure to meet sales goals.
  • Your website is very large, with lots of information that pulls viewers in all directions, so they are looking but not buying.
  • Summer students, you took as interns, left without accomplishing set goal or the result seems not working for your strategy.
  • You need to stay visible to your customers who are now using mobile devices.
  • You need to comply with the Accessibility standards and regulations in your province.
  • You need to test or research targeted market segments.
  • You see a lot of new trends and you want some to benefit your business, too.

Technical reasons to makeover your website:

  • Gain Content Management capabilities.
  • Falling support for your current platform that has you disadvantaged for new features, functionality, hosting, security, maintenance etc.
  • Your current platform limits the development of the website as you want to see it.
  • Your current website is not accessible as per AODA or does not meet other standards.
  • You want to create targeted campaigns with landing pages rather than bundle it all together in one website

Website makeover myths:

  • Adding SEO tricks to existing website will increase significantly number of visitors.
    Search engines are constantly evolving and outsmarting your tricks. Driving traffic is much more complex than just SEO.

  • Business owner has a privilege to select his/her favourite colors for the website and edit all the copy.
    Although final decision is ones who pays, website has to appeal to your prospects, not to you. It needs to be edgy enough to get their attention, and clear enough to communicate the message, and to this extent it is not the same as pleasing your senses.

Successful website makeover is like any other success: you have to try, fail, tweak, succeed, get comfortable plateau, lose focus, fail, change again, and again, succeed – it’s a closed circle. To stay on target, keep active and try again. Makeover time!

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