What are the challenges of today?

New Year brings predictions, reviews, summaries, list and reflections like no other date. It makes people think, regroup, refocus and plan. When I look around, this is what I see:

We live in the world that did not exist when we were born. Generation gap is the greatest ever in history of human kind.

Industrial capitalism is at the end of its wits. Development of industries, cities and technology and science jumps over itself and instant obsoleteness is the new norm.

Almost anyone is only a click away. Almost any information is always available. The best minds on the planet can be called to work on global projects and issues in minutes. Many local workers are struggling to adapt.

Economic gap among the richest and poorest is the greatest ever.

Fascination with celebrities’ lives became ‘circus for the masses’, bringing huge entertainment revenues to global networks.

Unprecedented resources are available to us to learn from others. We innovate through re-iteration of things we know to add and improve.

Kids in schools are learning for the jobs that we don’t even know the names of yet – they will be invented in the near future.

Debts of some countries are so unimaginable that money cannot be considered asset based any more.

Social security networks are growing and crumbling at the same time, as they cannot be supported by unstable economies nor indebted governments.

Standard medical care is facing growing pressures of ineffectiveness.

Families are scattered and isolated into mostly single’s and couplesā€˜ dwellings, due to new realities of urban/global living and new relationship models.

Is it all bad, catastrophic, depressing? It is our today. It is not good or bad. This is what it is, and human kind will emerge from it in a mutated, evolved state, as it always have.

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