Why slow start to Spring is not good for business…

…and what you can do to breeze through it.

We all hate when it happens: groundhog forecasted early spring, we want to already lounge on the patios sipping beer, and we can’t wait to purchase flowers for the garden… But it’s not happening. In the middle of April we are looking at the snow storm.

Why are we upset at the weather? It’s Nature that we can’t control. But we are still upset, because it makes us WAIT. It seems like everything is on hold and we are just stuck in a limbo. People are shopping less, employees are tired and all looks gloomier. Not good for business.

Here is a silver lining: a few more weeks to lose excess weight for the beach show off, plan garden works and which plants will inhabit your garden this year, and … review how effective and fresh your website is, before you are completely distracted with vacation or stay-cation plans.

Keep it Fresh or Die write Marketers recently, because while most businesses have ‘online presence’, only some managed to keep it up-to-date.

Landscape is changing very fast. While much less desktop computers are purchased this year, the number of people who try to use smartphone and tablet for everything they do is growing rapidly.

  • Is your website well viewed (mobile compatible, responsive) on all screen sizes?
  • Are you complying with website accessibility regulations and recommendations?
  • Are you going to invest in mobile applications?
  • Are you in touch with your potential customers?
  • Are you updating your website regularly?
  • Do you have a relevant backup?
  • Did you undertake basic safety measures for your hosting and content management?
  • Did you review your marketing strategy and decided on what social networks you want and need to keep up with, and which you can leave behind and stop worrying about?
  • Are you aware who is your actual daily online audience?
  • Are you chasing next marketing meme or using techniques that always worked for you?
  • Is it better to outsource your technology needs to India or work with a local freelancer/firm?
  • Can you achieve your development goals with interns or would you be better off with professional expert?
  • What would you like to do that your website is not currently doing?

Now there is a lot to think about and keep up with… which can be done waiting for Spring.

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